Do you won­der what goes into build­ing a new swim­ming pool? Here, in order, are the steps we take with all our pool con­struc­tion clients. Phew!

  1. We meet with you to dis­cuss your “wish list” for your new pool. We’ll show you an array of pho­tos and design ideas to help you nar­row down the design com­po­nents you like. Once you approve the design, the fun begins…
  2. We’ll mark the new pool loca­tion in your yard, so you can see the size and shape of your swim­ming pool.
  3. When you’re happy with the lay­out and we have all our per­mits approved, we then begin the exca­va­tion process. It usu­ally takes a full day to exca­vate and remove the soil from the prop­erty if needed, pro­vid­ing there are no issues with water, soil or rocks.
  4. We plumb the pool before the pool shell is constructed.
  5. We install Rebar per the engi­neered pool plans, plac­ing the steel-reinforced rods along the bot­tom, up the sides and around the perime­ter of your pool. Once wired together, the steel rods pro­vide struc­ture and strength to the pool shell.
  6. Next, we shoot Gunite (pneu­mat­i­cally applied con­crete) around the steel-reinforcing rods. The gunite is then shaped and trimmed to form the pool shell.
  7. We install the pool perime­ter (“cop­ing”) fin­ish.
  8. We install the water­line tile.
  9. Licensed elec­tri­cians arrive to con­nect all pool equip­ment and light­ing sys­tems to an elec­tri­cal panel. All work must be inspected.
  10. If you’ll be using gas for heat or pool-side fire accents, the gas lines will then need to be installed and inspected.
  11. We install the deck before com­plet­ing and fill­ing the pool.
  12. If a fence is included your design, it would be installed at the same time as the deck.
  13. We apply the pool sur­face fin­ish. This cemen­ti­tious sur­face is water­proof and con­tributes to the over­all color of the pool-water appear­ance once the pool is full. We spray it onto the gunite shell and then hand trowel it to a smooth fin­ish. Some sur­face options are then pol­ished the fol­low­ing day to expose the aggre­gate for an excep­tion­ally smooth and var­ie­gated appearance.
  14. Pool begins fill­ing the day of plas­ter­ing (instal­la­tion of the pool sur­face) or imme­di­ately after polishing.
  15. Once the pool is full, the plaster-curing begins. The pool sur­face is essen­tially cement and will fully cure in 28 days. Both the gunite shell and pool sur­face cure together. The water chem­istry will fluc­tu­ate and must be main­tained to ensure the fin­ished look and feel of the new pool sur­face is what you pic­tured it to be.

That’s it!



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