Do you wonder what goes into building a new swimming pool? Here, in order, are the steps we take with all our pool construction clients. Phew!

  1. We meet with you to discuss your “wish list” for your new pool. We’ll show you an array of photos and design ideas to help you narrow down the design components you like. Once you approve the design, the fun begins…
  2. We’ll mark the new pool location in your yard, so you can see the size and shape of your swimming pool.
  3. When you’re happy with the layout and we have all our permits approved, we then begin the excavation process. It usually takes a full day to excavate and remove the soil from the property if needed, providing there are no issues with water, soil or rocks.
  4. We plumb the pool before the pool shell is constructed.
  5. We install Rebar per the engineered pool plans, placing the steel-reinforced rods along the bottom, up the sides and around the perimeter of your pool. Once wired together, the steel rods provide structure and strength to the pool shell.
  6. Next, we shoot Gunite (pneumatically applied concrete) around the steel-reinforcing rods. The gunite is then shaped and trimmed to form the pool shell.
  7. We install the pool perimeter (“coping”) finish.
  8. We install the waterline tile.
  9. Licensed electricians arrive to connect all pool equipment and lighting systems to an electrical panel. All work must be inspected.
  10. If you’ll be using gas for heat or pool-side fire accents, the gas lines will then need to be installed and inspected.
  11. We install the deck before completing and filling the pool.
  12. If a fence is included your design, it would be installed at the same time as the deck.
  13. We apply the pool surface finish. This cementitious surface is waterproof and contributes to the overall color of the pool-water appearance once the pool is full. We spray it onto the gunite shell and then hand trowel it to a smooth finish. Some surface options are then polished the following day to expose the aggregate for an exceptionally smooth and variegated appearance.
  14. Pool begins filling the day of plastering (installation of the pool surface) or immediately after polishing.
  15. Once the pool is full, the plaster-curing begins. The pool surface is essentially cement and will fully cure in 28 days. Both the gunite shell and pool surface cure together. The water chemistry will fluctuate and must be maintained to ensure the finished look and feel of the new pool surface is what you pictured it to be.

That’s it!



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